IT532 Week 4

Topic: Understanding Practices III Understanding Successful Online Educators and Support Services

  • Edwards, M., Perry, B., & Janzen, K. (2011). The making of an exemplary online educator. Distance Education, 32, 101-118. doi:10.1080/01587919.2011.565499
  • Text: Palloff, R. M. & Pratt, K. (2007) Ch 6
  • Stewart, B. L., Goodson, C. E., Miertschin, S. L., Norwood, M. L., & Ezell, S. (2013). Online Student Support Services: A Case Based on Quality Frameworks. Journal of Online Learning and Teaching, 9(2). Retrieved from
Discussion Material


Asynchronous Activities on Blackboard Due Prior to Synchronous Class Meeting on 2/4
Peer Rotation B--See Blackboard for minor group reassignment
Your initial post is due BY 1/31 at 11:59pm and the Team Report is due 2/4 at 12pm.

Further detail PowerPoint instructions posted on Blackboard

Synchronous Activities on 2/4 During Class Hours on Blackboard Collaborate

  1. Logistical check in
  2. Summary of Asynchronous Team Reports
  3. Breakout Room Activity and Discussion
  4. Whole Class Discussions

  1. Individual check in with instructor as needed and individual work time for this course. If your POAS is Week 5 finalize arrangements with me. If your POAS is Week 6 make sure to check in with me during this time. For other participants, depending on your  needs you do not have to stay connected.

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