IT532 Week 11

Topic Reviewing Outcomes: Learning Analytic, Assessment, and Evaluation of Online Learning

  • Lockyer, L., Heathcote, E., & Dawson, S. (2013). Informing Pedagogical Action Aligning Learning Analytics With Learning Design. American Behavioral Scientist, 57(10), 1439–1459. doi:10.1177/0002764213479367
  • Text: Palloff, R. M. & Pratt, K. (2007) Ch 10
  • Siemens, G. (2013). Learning Analytics The Emergence of a Discipline. American Behavioral Scientist, 57(10), 1380–1400. doi:10.1177/0002764213498851

Asynchronous Activities on Blackboard Due Prior to Synchronous Class Meeting on 3/25
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Your post is due 3/14 at 11:59pm and your comments to other participants are due 3/25 at 12pm.

  1. Assessment and Evaluation in Online Learning
    Requirements for your post: Different forms of assessment and evaluation should be used and become an ongoing process of planning and review so that courses can be continuously improved on (Palloff & Pratt, 2007). Choose a topic from the Palloff & Pratt (2007) reading and perform a search: find a video, article, a website, etc. that relates to assessment and/or evaluation. Possible topics include: Student Performance, Formative & Summative Evaluation, Rubrics, Collaborative Assessment, Feedback, Technology & Assessment, Learning Outcomes, Course Evaluations.  Post your article, video, etc. or a link to your article, video, or website along with a summary of the topic and explain why you chose it and how it relates to assessment and/or evaluation in online learning.
    Requirements for comments to other participants: Read posts made by your assigned peers and comment on what they shared. The comments can be about interesting aspects related to the topics chosen by your peer, anything that surprised you about the topic described, any new ideas related to the topics that you realized after you read the post, or ways the topic relates to assessment/evaluation in your own profession. 
  2. Learning Analytics
    Requirements for your post: I
    n the assigned reading from Lockyer, Heathcote, and Dawson (2013) and Siemens (2013), the importance of learning analytics and learning design are discussed as a way of “understanding and optimizing learning and the environments in which it occurs” (Siemens 2013).  Using the provided data**, create an infographic on BB user activity. Post your infographic (or a link to it) and explain how this data can be used by instructors or instructional designers in the design of online learning environments. 
    Free Tools for Creating Infographics:, Piktochart,,, Venngage, EWC Presenter, and Canva  Analytics data is provided in the Blackboard Discussion Forum
    Requirements for comments to other participants:
    Read posts made by your assigned peers and comment on what they shared.  The comments can be about the aesthetic aspect of the infographic, new ideas related to his or her explanation, or ways learning analytics relates to your own field or profession.
Synchronous Activities on 3/25 During Class Hours on Blackboard Collaborate

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